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BalanceBox® Winx®

Touch displays & whiteboards

Bringing writing back to the classroom: The BalanceBox® Winx®.

The ultimate solution which combines your touch panel with traditional whiteboard surfaces. With three available options to choose from, the BalanceBox® Winx® range suits all requirements. The Winx® 4, Winx® 6 and the newest addition to the range, the Winx® 4b, can be used for displays from 60” up to 86”. The Winx® products include various features, such as: an aluminium bottom tray, 4 - 6 enamelled steel whiteboard surfaces, adjustable frames and a magnetic whiteboard stop or a lock.

Winx® 4b - Touchscreen Whiteboard Frame for BalanceBox® 650

As the best value for money whiteboard solution, the Winx® 4b combines 70" - 75” and 80" - 86” panels with the BalanceBox® 650, two double-sided pivoting enamelled steel whiteboards, a magnetic whiteboard stop, and an optional whiteboard lock.

For more information on the best-selling whiteboard solution download the Winx® Leaflet.

Winx® 4 & Winx® 6 - Touchscreen Whiteboard Frame for BalanceBox® 650

The Winx® 4 & 6 offer the full solution package with fully adjustable frames to suit each display size, additional double-sided pivoting whiteboard surfaces and an aluminium bottom tray for quick and easy access to writing materials.

The combination of Winx® solutions and the high-speed BalanceBox® 650 eliminates the need for an electric connection in order to adjust the height of your panel.

Winx® 4: 2 double-sided pivoting whiteboard surfaces on the left and right side of the touchscreen.
Winx® 6: 2 fixed whiteboard surfaces & 2 double-sided pivoting whiteboards, two on each side of the touchscreen.

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*Universal VESA bracket included, allowing for a maximum VESA pattern up to 800x600mm.

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