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Height Adjustable Mounts

BalanceBox® manual mounts and e·Box® motorised mounts: The new standard in height adjustable mounting solutions for TVs and interactive displays.

A full range of height adjustable mounts that offer users the most comfortable and intuitive solutions to adjust a display into any position to optimise user experience. With the use of these advanced interactive tools, users can engage with displays within educational or workplace environments to their fullest potential.

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Excellence in Balance

Height Adjustable Mounts to suit all requirements
from the BalanceBox® manual mounts to the e·Box® motorised mounts
Defined by you, Designed by us.

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The best choice for motorised height adjustment.
The e·Box® Wall Mount is compatible with screens up to 86” and 120kg. The motorised system offers 870mm of travel at a speed of 1.5” (38mm) per second , making it the fastest and safest technology in the AV market today!

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Achieve total adjustability and portability with the BalanceBox®, e·Box® and related accessories.
Engage, collaborate, and share information with versatility. Now it’s easier than ever to make the most out of your audio-visual experience with Height Adjustable Mounts!

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Easily adjust the largest of screens into any desired position with just a touch of a finger.
At the forefront of linear balancing technology, the patented spring tension system displaces wired connections and creates a unique, fast, and user-friendly operation.


BalanceBox® is a manually operated system based on patented spring tension technology. With no requirement for a wired connection, the BalanceBox® is unique, fast, and user-friendly. A safe and reliable mounting solution which gives the user ultimate comfort. Together with the complete range of accessories, there is a tailored solution waiting for you.


Alongside the BalanceBox®, the e·Box® is presented as the motorised version comprised of the highest quality height adjustment technology – eliminating the need for manual operation. The e·Box® features the fastest and safest technology in the AV market today. The double-column motorised design and innovative anti-collision feature optimises stability and protects the user against accidental pinching.

BalanceBox® Winx®

Innovated as the perfect balance of digital touch panel technology and traditional whiteboard surfaces, the BalanceBox® Winx® offers the best of both worlds.

Now classrooms and conference rooms in the UK can optimise the interactivity and fluidity of sessions, offer more flexible and variable methods of teaching or presenting, and create an active learning environment rather than passive.

Mobile Stand Mix®

With the new Mobile Stand Mix®, reconfiguring your classroom or conference room into an interactive environment has never been easier. The Mobile Stand Mix® gives the opportunity for everyone to participate; enabling teachers, presenters, and attendees to directly engage with the learning material. Now interactive touch panels are on the move, with full adjustability and versatility, the Mobile Stand Mix® is the full package solution. Choose from the best height adjustable mounting solutions in today's market and get the most out of your audio-visual experience!

Why Height Adjustable Mounts?

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